How To Get Your 1,000 True Fans

How To Get Your 1,000 True Fans

Make It Your Own 1.


This is Kevin Kelly's, best riff of the year, and that's saying an enormous amount. GO Read IT !


Some people will read this and immediately understand. Others will read it and start waffling of the meaning of "true". My expansion: You need to alter what you do and how you do it so that 1,000 true fans is sufficient to make you very happy. This is the Quote style. Its great for calling out a few very important points.


Simple Steps To Making A Living With 1,000 True Fans.


To make a living as a creator, you don't need to stockpile a million customers, go viral as a brand, or top bestsellers lists. You just need a good, core set of people who say "shut up and take my money" when you  launch new products. Here's how you get there.


1,000 true fans and the snowball effect.


The concept of 1,000 true fans was coined in 2008 by Kevin Kelly, author, editor, and one of the foremost thinkers in the modern media and technology landscape.


Kelly proposed that, as a creator (musician, designer, artist, entrepreneur, app maker, and the like), you need merely 1,000 or so superfans to make a living. Unless, of course, you want to make a fortune.


1,000 True Fans Overview.


Step 1. Revamp Your Content Strategy.


revamp content strategy


Instead of trying to attract a wide group of prospects that will "like" your content, you want to appeal to a select few. From the very start, you goal is to home in on your "true" fans who will actually hit the "buy" button.


Step 2. Build An Engaged community Around Core Problems your Product Solve.


Build an engaged community


Building a community could also mean building a database with an email list & SMS list. to serve them super relevant content, you can segment them into buckets. Our sophisticated  software allows that, it can be as easy as getting your subscribers to "click" on the link relevant to them in an email or SMS.


Step 3. Talk To Your Fans, Then Deliver Value And Solicit Feedback.




You've probably heard of the lean startup model. It involves An Iterative Feedback Loop. If you have already build an email and sms list. Our email marketing suite will show your active subscribers. We can talk to them directly to reflect on your product ideas.


Getting Started.


What Do We Actually Offer ?


We know we could go on for hours about how great our business is. (and don't blame us - we are amazing), but since we need to keep it short and sweet, here are few suggestions of our offering.


Indie Music Grind Affiliation Program (Landing Pages, Email marketing, newsletters, CRM Tool, etc), Bulk SMS Marketing, Blog, Facebook Re-targeting, Analytics and Reporting, Music Distribution Via SMS Gateway Systems (average profit per song is between R1,00 and R19,50).


Focus On true Fans, The Rest Will Fall Into Place.


1000 true fans


You don't need 100, 000 fans to build a sustainable and successful business. It's possible to generate R10, 000 in revenue from a super targeted group of followers. For your business that maybe 1,000 true fans. It could be more, could be less.


Just don't fall for vanity metrics. It's important to understand your "true" fans and add value to their lives. It's even possible to generate a million of Rands, if you continue to scale and serve these fans. 


Are you a true fan of any brand ? How do you plan to implement the 1,000 true fans in you business ? Let Us Know!


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